Friday, August 30, 2013

On Offence: The Politics of Indignation is on the shelves!

My book, OnOffence: The Politics of Indignation, has been published. There was an interview with me last weekend in the Australian Financial Review (it's here, but behind a paywall I'm afraid) and an extract in The Weekend Australian. I've also been doing a lot of media. You can listen to me chatting with Waleed Aly and Bob Simpson in The Drawing Room (a regular feature on RN Drive) or with Sonya Feldhoff on Adelaide Afternoons. I'll be launching the book officially on 12 September at the University of Notre Dame. If you like my stuff, please buy a copy!  

Update (Tuesday, 10 September): A couple of really positive reviews appeared at the weekend. This one, from Geordie Williamson, writing in The Weekend Australian, is full of praise; while this one, by Owen Richardson, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, is also pretty positive. These are both critics I admire greatly, so to have their thoughts is wonderful.

And here's an interview with Steve Austin. He gives the book a very good rap.  


Anonymous said...

I heard you interviewed on 666 Canberra today - very interesting, engaging and really plugged me in to thinking about some of the issues and points raised! I ordered your book and want to say thanks for igniting my otherwise standard day!

Richard King said...

Thanks for the kind words. I'm delighted you enjoyed the interview and hope you enjoy the book too!

matmason said...

Richard King. I just finished 'On Offence' and found it engaging from cover to cover. A nicely argued book with a sane and balanced approach. Well done!

Richard King said...

Thanks Matt. Thrilled you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Mr. King,

I just heard you on BBC classic and I really appreciated your views and your polite self restraint in handling the obtuse, imbecilic and hopeless views of your interviewer.

Well done!